• People have never been as overfed and undernourished as they are today
    Making a conscious choice to eat well and mindfully has never been so important

      Did you know?
    • less than 6% of Australian adults eat an adequate daily intake of fruit and vegetables .. Read More
    • obesity rates in Australia are climbing faster than anywhere else in the world - 3 out of 5 Australians are now obese or overweight
    • Australians now spend nearly a third of their weekly household food budget on dining out and fast foods
    • the average conventionally grown vegetable today is between 5-40 percent lower in minerals than the same vegetable 50 years ago .. Read More
    • about 80% of the "foods" available in supermarkets did not even exist as foods 100 years ago .. Read More

    Change your diet and become your best self!

Delivery Terms & Conditions

We deliver in the afternoon after 2pm and aim to deliver before 5.30pm (depending on traffic conditions), and will leave on the doorstep of home addresses or at the reception at office addresses. If you have any specific delivery instructions please tell us in the 'Customer Note' section of the checkout process.

The minimum order for local delivery is $80 (coolbag deposit not included) and $160 for areas outside our central delivery area.

IMPORTANT Our products are unpasteurized, so it is very important to keep them cool. Once your order is dropped off, O-zone Organic Health cannot be responsible for your package. Although we deliver your order in insulated coolbags with coolbricks (if requested and paid for), we advise that it is best to leave out a coolbox of your own where our delivery drivers can leave your order.

Product Quality

As the supply of fresh certified organic produce is seasonal and also subject to a number of variables including the weather, we often have to vary the proportions of ingredients within our juices, and for this reason we cannot accommodate customisation of the drinks, and the juices won't always taste 100% the same from month to month. However, we refuse to compromise on quality and our juices are specifically blended to be nutrient-dense and low-sugar and are guaranteed to be made from 100% certified organic produce.

Cancellations & Refunds

We hope you understand that our business requires a substantial level of planning and organisation to ensure that we have the fresh organic produce available and the staff to process our orders and make the deliveries.  Last minute changes are very difficult to accommodate. Please email us if you would like to cancel your order, and please note that our Cancellation Policy is as follows:

  • Minimum 7 days notice: We can cancel your order and provide a full refund
  • 1 Day to 6 days notice: We can cancel your order and reschedule on another day
  • Less than 24 hours notice: We can cancel your order but no refunds are possible and we cannot reschedule delivery

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